Just a warning about a possible scammer from macnn coming over here

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a person that goes by the name of zachmorrow on macnn had an iBook G3 up for trade and i had a deal with him and all of a sudden an hour after go to ship my stuff out i check my PMs on there and he decides to back outta the deal said the iBook was smashed and was thrown away, and I asked him to produce pics of the iBook that was smashed and he said his digital camera was smashed too, and then he tells me at the end of the IM convo, Ill go over to applefritter and mac-forums and sell it there, So its just a warning so no one deals with him

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Thanks for the heads-up. Sounds like the guy is not too bright if he is going to disclose that it was smashed and then WHERE he is going to sell it (assuming he really even has one...).


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brokecollegestudentF04 is Steven Landon.