G4 IBook display problem

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I don't know whether my problem is fits into the logic board thread, but there are some similarities and I am at my wit's end. I booted up my computer yesterday, got the grey apple screen with the pin-wheel spinning, then when I expected to see the desktop I got a grey screen, then a blue screen, then a green screen, then a red screen. Every couple of minutes I would see a distorted flash of the desktop then back to the parade of greys, greens, reds and blues. Does anybody have an idea what has gone wrong here?

Many thanks


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first things first

Have you tried connecting your iBook to an external display? If so, does this behavior occur on the external display as well? If it does, you have a logic board issue. If not, it could be a bad lvds cable (have seen this failure path for the lvds cable before) or a bad lcd (extremely rare failure path for lcd's, but it has happened). Of my experience with this issue, I would say that 85% of the time, an lvds cable will fix the ills, 10% of the time it's a logic board, and 5% of the time it's the lcd panel going out. I'm assuming that this is a 12 inch unit. The 12 inch panels that Apple uses are fairly robust and seldom fail without an external influence (drop, liquid, alien attack, etc.).

I hope this helps. I've taken apart and fixed more iBooks than most people see in a lifetime. Fortunately, at my new job there are no iBooks.


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