Posting from a Sony Ericsson with Opera Mini!

I was able to download and install Opera Mini on my Z500a, and now I can post to AF anywhere! I'm posting this right now from it.

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Opera Mini is really a great

Opera Mini is really a great browser for phones that don't have proper web browsers, and the preprocessing the Opera servers do is great for speeding up page downloads. I'd like Opera Mini a lot more if Opera made a proper Palm OS version, though. The Java implentation on Palm OS (and Windows Mobile, IIRC) is seriously lacking.

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Yes, I'm really enjoying Oper

Yes, I'm really enjoying Opera Mini, it is much better than my phones browser. And, browsing speeds are noticeably faster (a major plus!).

I can imagine a java browser on Palm wouldn't be too great. Aren't there other browsers out there for handhelds though?

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The browser that comes with t

The browser that comes with the Treo is decent, but the rendering speed is very slow. Netfront is supposedly for Palm OS, but Access refuses to sell it to end users. There aren't many web browsers for Palm OS.

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Thats really surprising. I've

Thats really surprising. I've always liked the Palms much more than the Windows Mobile, I would have thought someone would have come up with a good browser by now. Maybe others don't feel that way about Palms, though.