Help indigo clamshell ibook mods, cdrw replacement and new harddrive

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hi guys i am looking for some help. i am restoring a abused indigo clamshell ibook and am doing some upgrades but have ran into a snag.i first had came across a cdrw laptop drive that i wanted to put in place of the original drive , install went fine os9 see's new drive as cdrw and boots from it fine. okay then i wanted to change hardrives to a larger 6gig travelstar hardrive, so i installed hardrive and now when i boot from cd i get the cdrw seen in disk utilities but no harddrive ??? can anyone tell me why this is happening, does this have to do with the master , slave, cable select thing , the hardrive is set as 0 device, the cdrw i have no idea how to tell what it is set at. i also tried changing the hardrive to device 1 but that didn't work either, hardrive is good from other laptop so ????? any ideas