Quad-Core Intels

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Just wondering when Apple will be implimenting this


See my PB540c 33Mhz serve a website! http://yui-ikari.coius.info/

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Hmmm ...

When they finally cave in to my demands for work. Here they are.

- 2u-4u Xserve with 3-4 pci slots, 6-8 drive bays, onboard video, onboard raid controller, fibre channel, onboard SCSI. Contrary to public belief, SCSI is NOT dead. It's used rather heavily in server environments.

- Lab friendly iMac - 20-24", 1 pci slot, same cpu as the mac pro, xserve

My biggest gripe so far with Apple and all local mac support folks I've dealt with about the Xserve is the pushing of firewire and talk of how evil tape drives are. In server environments, we still use SCSI and tape drives heavily. Short of some Apple solutions, NOBODY uses firewire in a server environment.

I'd like to see these products come to be, and the Xserve be more capable than the virtually useless hulk that it is. There's something wrong when a PM G5 or Mac Pro has more business in a server room than Apple's dedicated server product.


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