Cannot print anymore on my iMac G5 OS X

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I am having a weird problem and I do not know what to do. I just may have to reinstall Tiger. I cannot print anymore. I had a Laserjet 4 plus on my wireless router setup with IP Printing. Worked great for over a year. Still works on my Powerbook G4. But on my iMac it gives me an error when I try to print. Error printing or something vague like that. I have tried repairing permissions, I deleted and reinstalled the printer. Other user accounts also do not print. But I enabled root and from that account I can print! Another weird thing is from my account (which is admin) I cannot do some admin tasks. I get a username/password request then it errors out so something is definately whacked out. I may just have to restart from scratch... but would like to avoid it if I can...


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