Need help with my 1st CC Upgrade

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Ok, I've seen so many different ways to go about this that it has me a little confused. So I'm asking for a little help.

One of my main issues is about video.

I've seen where I need to build a custom cable to connect the analogue board to the logic board connector (wiring loom). But I've heard mention of using different logic boards with different logic board connectors that come with the analogue connector prewired that would be compatible with the CC's analogue board.

I have a PowerMac 6400/200 that I want to use the logic board from for this project.

What do I need to do to get video from this logic board?

Also, if I do not use any Internal drives besides the floppy, use a CS II NIC, and use an External HDD will I still need to install a 3.3v regulator?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!



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Start here!

What you're propsing is a standard 'Takky' upgrade.

As this page indicates, 6400 boards DO need a 3.3v supply:

The Takky wiring loom, as specified in the above pages, will supply the video signal to the analogue board. I do suggest doing the 640 x 480 conversion first.

Good luck!



Stuart Bell,
Developer of the PowerCC site a long time ago.

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Thanks Stuart!! I will begin giving it a shot once my CC arrives Smile

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Hmmm.... Instead of installing the 3.3v regulator, can I just use the psu from the 6400?

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A number of CC mods have used

A number of CC mods have used the Quadra 630 PSU, so as long as it's about the same size you should be able to shoehorn it in.

A small ATX PSU will be smaller and easier to fit, and IIRC from a previous post here, the power-on wiring is better documented than the 6400 PSU.

For my Takky, I'd ordered a very small PSU from All Electronics that supplied 3.3V, and enough juice to power the hard drive.

With a second PSU, you might run into load balancing issues. I had to load the second PSU with the hard drive to get it outputting a stable 3.3V, and had to keep everything else on the CC's analog board to load it, otherwise it had trouble booting.


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