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I go to Auctions quite regularly over flowing with Macinotsh Hardware. On Saturday was one, and for Expample, you could get 333-366 iMacs of varying colors all put togethjer and working for $2.50$. I mostly buy The Older Macs, running acrosss the occasional gem. I Have an Asante Mac Con SE, and i was wondering, How much is it worth, in real value, not for COllecitng. It is fully working. I just wanted to know 'cause currently ive seen some for as much as $50 on ebay.



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Many years ago, I was involve

Many years ago, I was involved in some tests to evaluate whether it was worth purchasing ethernet cards for some SEs or to stick with LocalTalk networking. We performed some tests, loading a selection of applications and data files from a fast server over both cabling systems.

I think you can predict the results: ethernet wins, but it only makes a significant difference when using applications that you wouldn't normally use on a 68000 Mac.