What do you do to keep your skills sharp?

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Here's an odd little survey. What do you do to keep your support skills sharp?

Here's what I do to keep my skills sharp at work. At my desk, I have four work provided computers. One is a PC running windows, I've got a PowerBook G4, a G5 tower (which is being replaced with a core 2 duo iMac), and a tray load iMac running os 9.2. Between having all these platforms easily on hand, I can test fixes, maintain familiarity with each platform in which to better support it.

At home, I've got a beige g3 and an 8600/300 both running os 9, the work issued powerbook, a 500 mhz tibook, and a 500 mhz g4 cube. The cube and tibook are both running 10.3, and I have 10.2 loaded on the beige g3 as well as 9. I have to keep as sharp with as much as possible.

What do you do to keep sharp and knowledgeable so that you are prepared for whatever comes your way professionally?


- iantm
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going to school

headed for a Cisco certificate. Which also means taking the A+ classes all over again :/ Oh well, at least I am brushing up on some of the old stuff...


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Interesting topic

As I sit here at work, taking support call after support call, I have the following machines immediately within reach:

PB G4 running Tiger
iMac G3-350 running OS 9
PB G3Wallstreet with XpostFacto running Panther
PB G4 dual-partitioned Panther and Tiger
PC running XP Pro

For problem testing, I have access to:

Dual G5 running Tiger Server, Tiger, and Panther Server
NetApp Filer
Several Windows 2003 Server, 2000 Server, 2000, and XP machines

My Web Server is a Dual G4 running Tiger Server
My Mail Server is the same
My Backup Server is a G4 running Panther Server

I keep sharp by working. I have to make sure I'm on the bleeding edge of available Apple and Microsoft technology in order to help customers, some of whom have access to technology that I do not yet. (i.e. Leopard and Vista)

At home I have a Beige G3 Xpost-d to Panther, a Windows XP box (my wife's) and several piles of bits and pieces that my wife wishes weren't there anymore.


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Me, I am always working on co

Me, I am always working on computers, whether at home or work. There's always some project that i'm doing!


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I'm a server admin. My job is

I'm a server admin. My job is more than enough to keep me on my toes.


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expert consultant

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I am constantly working on ho

I am constantly working on how to program my VCR and use my Cellphone.
Keeps me sharp as a tack.


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I'm still in school and I try

I'm still in school and I try to keep up with whatever is new with technology, if only by learning about it. I'm taking my A+ test this Saturday, as a matter of fact. It would be much more useful for me to take the 2006 test, but my school is paying for it, so it's their choice!


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my AF degree

I check out Applefritter daily. Some of my friends say I'm certifiable, but I think they have something else in mind.

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I haven't programmed much in

I haven't programmed much in the past 4 years. I have never really programmed much of use to anyone but myself, or for educational reqs. I'm planning on getting myself into useful programming skills (ie, I already know how to write in BASIC and C++ (hey, look mom, I can declare variables and overload functions!) buy programming a simple custom util using Objective C on OS X. If I get it going well I've got plans to port the mini-app/menu bar icon/widget to a gDesklet/etc for Linux. When/if I get it done it'll serve the non-Windows users of a 15,000+ member community site. Skills/fame/and possible charitable donation funding! Woo!


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my brain is put to work every

my brain is put to work every day working on cars. i also spend considerable amounts of time playin on my 4 computers, 2 pc and 2 mac.


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