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Ok, Well I finally got my CC in today, yay!!

Its got a whopping 4mb of ram and a 70mb HD with OS 7.1!!

I would like to update this to 7.5.5 (Just playing with it until I get the rest of my upgrade parts).

But I've run into a little problem.

When I download all of apples 7.5.3 update disk images (19 total) it tells me something is missing or corrupt.

And the bad thing is, I copied them all, one at a time on one floppy!

Well also I noticed that I do not have StuffIt Installed so I can't open sit or sea files.

Also, I do not have anything to open MacBinary files with, so I cannot open BIN files.

Anyone know of anything I can do?

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need more info

so presumably the computer you posted this with is the one used to download the floppy images?

Can you use it to download Stuffit? Is this machine running Windows? I seem to recall there was a little bit of software you needed in order to correctly write a mac disk image on to a floppy while in Windows. thepickle used to have a web page about this, but there are probably others.


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My Stuff

I am running windows XP that is running MacDrive6 and StuffIt 9.5.

But I noticed an issue, anytime I use stuffit on this machine, all of the files except for DOC and TXT files come out with Zero Bytes. Which I thought was rather odd.