fx door jam

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Who the heck put this forum together. Is this some kinda MS thing. I think I'm in the right place and I did a picture. Don't know where it is. Anyway goy an MACII fx that's been a real good door jam. Need some help on figuring out where I can plug in an ipod.

I'll hit the submit button and see what happens.


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Insulting the forum might not

Insulting the forum might not get you the replies you are looking for....

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Double Post


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yes, insulting us is not exactly good netiquite

for your question response, you can't.  The machine is too old and  USB or FireWire won't even WORK with it.  Time for a new Mac.  Or you can just use your PC.


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Your photo... ...is below

Your photo...

...is below as a clickable thumbnail.

BBCode guide with image posting tags is here

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You want help figuring out where you can plug in an iPod?


Howzabout a Mac that can support and iPod?

Honestly, what ever gave you the idea that you could use an iPod with a IIfx?


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It's fairly obvious the origi

It's fairly obvious the original post is a joke. Since this thread is going nowhere and will undoubtedly lead to flaming, it's now locked.


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