powerbook duo 280c..what to do

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so i just found my powerbook duo 280c and i'd love to put it into good use...i dont have a dock..and im not that computer savvy...any ideas on what i could use it for?? thanks in advance

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No dock? You're working with

No dock? You're working without a net man!!

No in all seriousness, as long as you keep up the maintenance on the HD - Disk First Aid from a RAM disk once a week if you're using it a lot, less if less, and a Disk Doctor or similar app every now and then - you should be OK. If it ever does seriously crap out to the point where you can't boot, you'll need at least a floppy dock to repair the internal HD from.

You can transfer files to and from another Mac with Appletalk over a serial cable, or you can get a small external modem and do email and light web browsing. Even use it as a terminal to another machine.

If you have a look at the hacks section on the home page here, you'll see some other hacks.

And if you go to the old forums (via the bottom of the home page and archive.org) and do a search, you'll see AaAAAAaaall sorts of crazy ideas.

What do you want to do with it? Use it or hack it all to hell?


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