anyone here do the X-on-generic-PC install?

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Just curious, don't want a how-to or anything, merely an idea how widely done is the hack(s).

dan k


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Live and in colour

Just for fun, I'm posting from it.

It's little more than a novelty, really.

Heavily patched, missing functionality, and easier to blow up than WinME.

I'm using an AMD processor and Gigabyte mobo, so the experience may be better with an Intel processor and chipset, but still I wouldn't trust it for full-time use.


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Good Lord, No!

I'd never do such a thing. It's illegal, immoral, and wrong. ;^b

Now, this friend of mine, see, tried it on a P4 Dell with essentially identical hardware to the OS X x86 Developer machines (Intel 915 motherboard, GMA900 graphics, etc.), and it, well, works, and it's *fast*. Boots like lightning compared to a G4 Powerbook, I'll say that. But it's also pretty useless. Software Update is of course broken, hardware support is *really* sketchy, random weird behavior trying to do things like burn CDs, etc, etc.

The Dell's running Ubuntu again now, if that gives you any idea how much long-term play value it has.


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my comment completly mirrors the experience of the above poster, except that my dell is now triple booting ubuntu, Windows XP Media Center Edition, and Vista.

The OSX install was fun to play with. fast, wonky graphics support, difficult to install and not very practical.