MacBook Pro Battery Questions

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So here's the deal: I have MacBook Pro, and I love it to death, but it doesn't often leave my desk.

What I am wondering is, is it better to leave the MacBook plugged in all the time, or to use it on battery power, allowing the battery to discharge, and then plug it in? Or would it be better to take the battery out, and only use it when I leave the desk?

My aim is to keep the battery in as good shape as possible, because I will be going away to school in the fall, where I will definitely be wanting to use the battery on a more regular basis.

Besides my PB 1400c, I've never had a laptop with a working battery, so I don't really know how to handle these issues.

And another thought just occurred to me: Is it better, when I do use the battery, to allow it to discharge completely before I recharge it, or is that no longer an issue with modern batteries?


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For the best possible life, t

For the best possible life, take the battery out when not using it. If it sits outside of the laptop for a few weeks, pop it back in to top off the charge.

Li-Ion batteries don't have the memory effect, so you don't need to discharge it fully before recharging it. In fact, they prefer to be topped off whenever possible, so, like an iPod, chrage it when you're done using it.


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