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Hi folks, it's me again. I used to post here back in the day, many moons ago. Since I left I have done things of greater and lesser interest, and now I'm at university, just recently (and somewhat accidentally) made de facto webmaster of my universities Photo Society Website. Assuming the previous webmaster replies to my e-mail and gives me all of the passwords etc, I'm planning on overhauling it a lot.

Ideally, I want to allow users to register, create profiles, upload their own photos, and do other things that would make the unsuspecting person think that we're a really professional and interesting group of people. This would be practice for the work I do with the student TV station as well, where I'm helping a person far more qualified to muck around on servers than I.

While sketching out my idea of what I want, I remembered Applefritter and how much I liked how it was laid out. IIRC, some module-based language or system was used, Drupal, I think, no? Any way, I have the job, and I'd like to produce something nice looking to distract people from the fact that I'm not much of a photographer... what would people reccommend for developing a website that's fairly simple but allows for Photosoc members to create a profile and upload photos and other such things. I'm willing to do stuff that requires I learn a language like PHP... as far as I can see, I'm webmaster until I graduate or someone else makes an attempt to get the job, so I have 4 or so years to make this work.

Many thanks, and it's good to be back!

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Applefritter uses Drupal. It

Applefritter uses Drupal. It's quite flexible, but also relatively complicated to administer.

You might want to have a look at Gallery which focuses entirely on photo albums. Without knowing the other things that would make the unsuspecting person think you're a really professional and interesting group of people we can't really make any absolute recommendations.


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Welcome back

...if memory serves (pardon the pun) you were "DoctorMemory", sans the space.


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Yeah, that's right. I've chan

Yeah, that's right. I've changed in oh so many ways.

Gallery sounds good, I don't really need a whole lot- just something where people can put up photos, maybe a few contact details and information about their equipment, if they're doing any shows, hiring details, etc.