Daylight Savings Time and OS X v10.3.9?

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As we all know, our esteemed elected officials decided that it was better to change the clocks than to tell people to just go to work an hour later. So Daylight Savings Time is now two months longer, and the only Macs that will automatically recognize this are machines running Mac OS X v10.4.5 or higher.


Who's figured out a hack so that my B&W running 10.3.9 will automatically recognize the new government mandataed time changes?


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Apparently things that depend on the CoreFoundation libraries are borked if you just try the 'obvious' UNIX fix of updating the /usr/share/zoneinfo databases.

I'm sure someone with enough time on their hands will figure out how to patch Apple's steaming pile of code, but it doesn't look like it's happened yet.