eMac 700Mhz gen. 1 - VGA/power pinouts

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to my delight I've been given an eMac 700Mhz rev. 1, along with a stock B&W G3 350Mhz tower.

The eMac came to me in poor condition; the CRT is screwed (convergence issues and possible water damage), and a previous owner snapped off the front bezel, airport aerial and other connectors thinking this was the way to access the Mac's internals Sad. It looks like junk, but I can just see a picture on the CRT and have been able to install 10.4.8 onto the machine, without issue.

Ideally I'd like to merge the eMac's motherboard and merge it into either the above B&W case or another custom case - it would make for a nice headless machine, overclocked to ~ 1Ghz with dual HDs, etc.

Unfortunately, I can't find a reliable source of information on the VGA and power pinouts of this model eMac - there is heaps of info regarding the gen 2/800+Mhz model, but the information for the gen 1 pinouts are incomplete - below are the most relevant links I've been able to find.


- So, does anyone have a reliable, tested pinout of the VGA and power pinouts for this particular model eMac?
- Once headless, am I able to retain the eMac's existing (working) power supply and use that, instead of an ATX one?
- Or can I just use the iBook-style external monitor connector instead of hacking the primary VGA port?

Many thanks,


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Joined: Dec 18 2004
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Any takers?

Another thought - if anyone has tried, please let me know.

The eMac 800+ gen 2 has ATI graphics, which support dual displays with the "screen spanning doctor" firmware hack. Of note, if the internal display is disconnected, nothing is mirrored/displayed on an external monitor.

The model I have uses Geforce 2 MX graphics which do not support dual displays (well it does, but I doubt on this Mac), and everything is mirrored off the internal display. This even happens when I plug an external monitor in when the eMac is already on. Since this particular chipset is more rudimentary - could I simply disconnect the internal monitor and run an external monitor in it's place off the mirrored VGA connector? I'm still unsure what needs to stay to completely turn off the CRT, but experimentation will get me there I suppose.

By the way, I'm scared to test the power connector pinouts myself due to poor electronics knowledge - and that I don't want to have the "just working" eMac going for too long before the CRT blows on this one - it's pretty bad.

Incidentally, I was given another eMac - same specs, but much better condition and complete, but with a blown CRT Smile So it looks like I've two of the same hacks to consider now Smile