Powerbook G4 15" having trouble recovering from dc-in soundboard replacement

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Okay guys, i've successfully replaced the dc-in sound board(sort of.) The problem now is that i did this on my own without any guide and now neither the airport card nor the speakers work and they worked before i took the laptop apart. I'm wondering if i could've done anything serious to cause these problems.. and i'm also wondering if anyone knows a good site with a very detailed manual (i can't get go on ichat to get one from anyone, this is my only mac right now.. and it's in 20 pieces.) I also missed one screw that supports the screen on the left side (there are three screws on that side, unlike on the right side which only has 2 big support screws.. but i couldn't figure out where the third screw went and now it's uneven !!)
Thanks !


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Some info ...

I'm going to suggest verifying that the ribbon for the airport card is seated tight on your logic board. Also, verify the connection between the speaker set and the dc-in board. These are items that are easy to miss (I've done it before).


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