g3 lombard power issue

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Got a lombard from a buddy. He said everything works fine, except that the power cord does not charge the battery. Replaced with known good cord, still nothing. I have had this problem with PC notebooks before, the little jack for the power cord is busted (maybe). Is there a way to replace this part?

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Sounds like the DC/sound board

Pretty inexpensive part -- about $30 to $40 last I checked. Make sure it's for a Lombard -- the DC/sound boards for the Kanga, Wallstreet, Mainstreet and Pismo models are not compatible with the Lombard.

The procedure is not exactly insignificant -- pretty much requires (almost) gutting the machine. You'll need a #8 Torx screwdriver (the 6-point star shape), a couple of precision Phillips screwdrivers (#1, #0, and mabye a #00) and a Fender medium or heavy guitar pick.

There's a good take-apart manual at ifixit.com, or you might be able to track down an official Apple service manual from ... shall we say ... certain online resources. Make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to do the job, stay patient, and you'll be fine. I've done the DC/sound boards in my own Lombard (typing on it now) and two Pismos (same procedure, different part). Again, not a trivial project, but you can likely handle it.


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Thank you for your advice. I

Thank you for your advice.
I was able to remove the sound card and solder it back on.
However, when I was reassembling the unit, while trying to get the processor to plug in right, I broke a little magnet warpped in copper wire. It is directly under the processor card, in the top right. The top of the spool shaped magnet is broken in half, the wire is intact. My question;
Did this render my logic board useless? I want to know if I have to replace the LogicBoard before I reassemble the unit.

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That would be a choke coil.

That would be a choke coil. It's job is to smooth out high frequency noise on the wire. It should still function if the wire is ok, but it might lead to an unstable system if what it is filtering gets enough noise to cause trouble. Finding the correct replacement will need you to find either a part number or measure the size of the coil, the number of turns and the size of the magnet and buying a replacement choke coil of the same specs.

I've got a SUN SparcServer 1000 with 6 CPU cards and one has a cracked choke. It runs ok, but I've not let it run long enough to see if it causes any system instability, not because of the bad choke, but because of the size and noise of the SparcServer...


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