Help - Matshita DVD-R UJ 845E

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Help, does anybody know the hight of the "UJ-845E; Version DMP2" Slot-In??
My one has a defekt and needs replacement.

Thanks for help!!


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Do not post the same thread m

Do not post the same thread multiple times.


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Please, only post your question in ONE place. and try to only create ONE topic per question.

As far as the UJ-845" drive, it is a standard size notebook CD/DVD rom drive... and you need to also know wheter you need a MASTER drive or a SLAVE drive for it to work properly, as that is NOT just set by jumpers on these drives.

Why don't you tell us what machine this drive is from (iMac G5, Mac Mini - G4 or intel?, PowerBook, iBook, etc.) then we coud suggest a replacement drive for you.

EDIT: apparently Dr. Webster cleaned this mess up while I was typing my post.

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It's in a iBook G4. A superdr

It's in a iBook G4. A superdrive - slot in drive.

Thanks, Daniel