AIM is being a b*tch...

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I have AIM 4.7 on my beige G3 running 9.2, and whenever I restart the machine and open AIM, it freezes. I've played around with disabling extensions and whatnot, but the only workaround I've found so far is to delete the AIM file from my computer and reinstall it, which is, needless to say, inconveinent and stupid. ANybody else experiencing problems of a similar nature? Anybody have any ideas/fixes?



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it could be a problem with a

it could be a problem with a file that AIM uses. Start off by backing up your buddylist, then try things like deleting the prefs file, then run AIM, a new prefs file should be generated. see if thast helps. If not, try deleting and reinstalling AIM. (rememberto back up your buddylist.


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I had simualr problems on my

I had simualr problems on my DualUSB iBook. I never found a solution. Several installations laters I switched to iChat. Did everything I needed to...

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