ibook g3 700mhz will not boot after combo drive upgrade

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Hi all.
I have a g3 700mhz (dual usb) which originally came with a cd rom drive - and I've swapped the cd rom drive with a combo drive also from a 700mhz machine. The original flex ribbon cable was damaged so I replaced it with a new one I bought off of ebay - and after getting everything back together it booted fine and stayed up for 5 minutes then just shut itself off - and it will not boot back up. No chime/happy/sad mac or anything on trying to reboot it. Any advice on what I should do now?

I don't think it's a master/slave issue because it booted fine originally (even if only for 5min)... and usually on a master/slave problem you'll be booted to a happy/sad mac and a ? on the hd - and it will not boot/chime at at all now.