need DVD Copy software for Mac, help....

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Could someone recommend me a kind of DVD Copy software for Mac? I need an easy-to–use software…..thanks

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lilyly,i think DVD Copy for M

lilyly,i think DVD Copy for Mac( is a good choice for u……………
It can copy DVD-5 to DVD-5, DVD-9 to DVD-9, and compress DVD-9 (dual-layer DVD) to one DVD-5 disc easily. It also allows u copying DVD’s main movie only.
In addition, it can select subtitles and audio tracks, remove menus, remove CSS-encryption and so on, which could help u creating customized DVD copy on Mac.
Many many other functions…U can FREE download it to have a try...

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I assume you are using this legally? I mean, you just doing archives right? not handing these out to your friends?


I only use it to make archives of my stuff, so I can watch them on the go on my laptop after putting them to MPEG-4


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Help! response

We should make a generic post or something for all the people who create a thread with a "help...," "help!," "HELP!!!!!," etc. in the title and one of us just post it into any such thread. Something to the effect of, "we appreciate and greatly welcome your participation on this forum, but there's really no need to overemphasize your title with such phrases as... Do not worry, your post will be read by many people in the know without such shrill cries in your title, and the truth is, when regulars read titles with these kinds of overemphatic additions, they find it slightly irritating." There's probably better wording, but you get my point.

I'm not singling you out, lilyly. It's a very common occurrence here. People with iPod problems are usually the worst offenders. I believe there's instructions in the forum rules that says something like this, but obviously there's a lot of people who ignore that instruction.

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Hawaii Cruiser, thanks for your remind...actually,i'm a newbie here...i'll remember what u told me...
ipodyoupod, thanks for your suggestion, i'll try this mp4converter DVD Copy ....