Anyone know where to get a new SCSI HD for an LC 475?

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Sorry for the second posting since signing up but I have another query!

It's pretty much summed up in the title really - any idea where I can get a 50pin 3.5" low profile SCSI HD for my Performa 475? Ideally somewhere in the UK would be best...

Also, does anyone know how big (capacity-wise) a hard-drive the 475 will take?

Thanks - again - in advance


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The largest genuine 50pin SCS

The largest genuine 50pin SCSI drive I've seen is the 4GB that came with the PM9600. I think some of those may have been 7200rpm. I don't believe there's any capacity limit with SCSI, but over that 4GB, the drives available are probably all SCA or 68pin drives with a 50pin adapter attached. You'll see a lot of guys on eBay claiming they're selling large capacity 50pin drives for your older mac, but in reality, they're just drives with adapters, and often they're crappy old well-used Ultra SCSI drives with adapters that were retired from someone's server or other large computer network, so you could just buy a better one without an adapter from some individual who didn't work it too much and buy an adapter for that one on the side. The problem for you is, will a drive with an adapter fit into your pizza box case? The adapters can stick out too far often for many cases. But if one will fit with an adapter, you could get a nice SCSI-3 10k drive of whatever size--just make sure it's terminated right and the jumper is set to "force SE." 10k would give you nice speed, but will also increase heat in your machine, which is another thing to consider. I don't remember how fast the old SCSI drives were--4600rpm,5400rpm?--so 7200rpm will be a nice boost too, and usually less hot than 10k. Out of curiosity, how much space could you possibly want for an old LC? For what purpose?

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I was only interested in the

I was only interested in the capacity from the point of view that finding a 250MB HDD these days seems to be hard and if I can find a larger one I wasn't sure if the LC would even recognise it. Thanks for the heads up on the 68/50 pin situation tho - I'll keep an eye on that. Now I just need to find somewhere that sells them...

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vintage HD capacity


It's OS-related. SSW 7.0 has -- I think -- a 2 gig limit. If you're using SSW 7.5 or above, you have no limit. So, e.g., a four gigger with 7.5, 7.6.1 or 8 will work just fine.


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I have a few at or under 800M

I have a few at or under 800MB that were known to have been pulled from LC model computers. I also have a bunch of the drive sleds.

If you are interested, I will check the part number in the sleds and the exact specs on the drives.


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That would be fantastic! :

That would be fantastic! Laughing out loud I'm not fussed about the size really - ideally anything at or over 250MB would be perfect.

Let me know what you find out, plus how much you want for them (I may be greedy and buy two if that's okay)