iMac DV PAV Question

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OK, I just was given a 500Mhz iMac DV SE, Graphite. It was sans hard drive... threw a HD in it and it boots up.... however, it shows signs of impending PAV failure... spontaneous lockups... NOISY PAV NOISY and LOUD CRT dim picture... sometimes needs to be powered on two to three times before it catches...

Anyway, I've statred to tear it down to really asses the issue, and I suspect a failing PAV. I know that these are very difficult to come by, and COSTLY when one does.

Examining the PAV i see one cap by the CRT that has already vented, and a GIANT brown cap on the board by the power cord connector that is EXTREMLY domed, and seems likely to vent soon....

Does anyone here think that it would be feasable to remove the PAV and try to replace the failed/failing caps.... or should i toss it? I've got no need for the machine really, except i was going to give it to a friend who is w/o a computer right now.

Any input from anyone?

I'll probably go ahead and try anyway.... lol

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So So Idea: 2 broken=1good?


You could try to find another Imac chasis where the MB is defective to mix and match 1 that works. Broken Imacs should be especially inexpensive.

Maybe advertise in a Craig's List or other free ad space for one (or more!)

Good Luck


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Try repairing

This is such a common failure that it must be worth a repair attempt. Even when you find a replacement, there is nothing to say that it is just as aged and will fail in the same way.

If the caps have blown already, identification will be difficult. However, I'm sure that there will be people here who can assist. Any info on common failure points and recommended component upgrades?

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yeah, I'm going to try to repair it, Ive already ordered a new old stock apple replacement part PAV board for it, to swap in... but, when I get the new one Im going to try to refurb the one Ive got here. It should be fairly easy to see the failed components... an electrolyc capacitor after its vented has a very distinct look to it.... the only things I cant readily test on the board are the inductive coils or the flyback transformer.

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nice AF ghosts... I love it.

I replied to my own thread and it gets deleted with no notice.

This place sure is kind of "whack" lol

But, If anyone is wondering - I just noticed that this machine is still sitting in my room disassembled waiting on me to set its geometery and put it back together... I dont have the "special tool" though... but I think I may be able to fab something up with my multimeter probes...