Overclock 12" inch powerbook G4

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I have a 12 inch, 1.5 ghz, G4 powerbook. I was looking into overclocking. dont know if anyone has ever done this but just checking on it. let me know. before I do something regretable. APPLE FOREVER!!!

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shameless daystar plug

I like those people.
Technically, from our standpoint, this isn't a hack, but it kind of is because someone's hacking it, just not you or me.
Notice how the 1.5 tops out at 1.67. Kind of a pricey upgrade. But the 1.33 tops out at 1.75.

I can understand why a laptop upgrade might be expensive...
But will someone please explain to me why... for the love of Pete...
a 450 MHz G4 ZIF costs as much or more than the entire machine? These are typical prices... (are G4 ZIFs EVER coming down in price? to put this in perspective... Apple stopped selling ZIf compatible computers during the last millennium.)

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Daystar stopped doing these u

Daystar stopped doing these upgrades, and i'd still like to know how ti get into this thing and overclock it (im sure thats all they did)

anybody have any idea?

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afaik tehy soldered in a fast

afaik tehy soldered in a faster chip before OCing it Wink
you could basically do that at home if you got BGA equipment.

finding out the settigns for teh resistors taht controll teh pll should be the easiest job. Tongue