My Wonderfull A-One Extended

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Thie is my new A-One Extended,

a wonderfull piece of electronics !!!!

Nice Jobs Franz ! Wink


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Hello Paolo, yesterday I j

Hello Paolo,

yesterday I just was thinking about what you will do after leaving your A-One in Genova for the AppleMuseum...
Now I know the answer: You have a substitute with experimenting features - congratulations.

Meanwhile I succeeded in connecting the A-ONE to my old MacClassic also with ZTerm;to get the cable from DIN 8 to DB9 was the greatest difficulty. But now it works.

How was your journey to Genova? How many "old" apples do they have there?



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Joined: Jan 28 2007
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well, this A-One Extended is a gift that Franz done to me, i still can't find the words to thank him!
Genova was over 830 km from home, over 8 hours, the italian highways are full of speed controls Sad
any way, it was very nice, i used an Apple II, III and Macintosh 128 !
... there is a Next Computer too !!!
They have tons of Apple stuff, but an Apple I is missing !!!
I was really shy during my speech for the Replica, but at the end it was fun, the people had there eyes stuck on the Apple II monitor looking at my game running!
it was a nice experience !


i did not tell no-one that i would of left my Apple I there ... is was a surprise for me too Smile