Powerbook G4 Titanium Mercury 400 MHz

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My PB G4 Mercury 400 MHz overheated when connected to what appears to now be a defective AC power supply. It no longer turns on as the battery is dead. Opening the case reveals a burnt IC on the mother board in the area of the power supply connector.

I presume it is the MOSFET Power Switching Supply chip. I would like to replace it but have no idea of its indentity as it was burnt byond recognition. Visit here for a photo of the fried chip: http://elitetechnology.us/pbg4timerc.jpg

If anyone knows the identity of this chip, please share it.

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from a 500MLB . . .

Take a look at this:

640x400 jpeg image

Others can probably do the actual ID, I got the MLB and the camera, but ain't gotz the knowhow. Cool Mac

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Thanks for the photo! It a

Thanks for the photo!

It appears that the chip is a Vishay Si4840DY N-Channel 40-V MOSFET

I'll update the forum on my success or lack thereof.