swapping front board units

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is it possible to swap out the front board modules of the different G4 models? I am doing a mod to a G4 Gigabit Ethernet, and have a spare MDD front board unit that I'd rather use (due to its smaller size and casing) I'm just not sure of the possibility of doing this, and have been unable to find any info on the pinouts of either models front port, and I dont want to risk just doing it in case it damages them.

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Might this be a slightly help

Might this be a slightly helpful starting point? (I don't know if it applies to the MDD though)


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yeah I kinda started there, h

yeah I kinda started there, however plugging the mdd fpb into the gb socket doesnt give me any functionality at all, which leads me to think that it is significantly different.
Although the mdd fpb only has the power switch in common with the gb fpb, these arent (obviously) on the same pins. So I am thinking that the only way to find this out is to test the pins themselves under power with a multimeter.