looking for info on how to mod or upgrade a powermac g4 mdd 1.25

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just looking for any help on how to mod or upgrade a powermac g4 mdd 1.25 for video edit i want to make it a super machine. just need some sites and help so i can really do a cool upgrade an mod

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don't want to be

don't want to be potentially banned poster, but sell this nice G4 and get a MacPro.... or iMac 20". The best you can do is to get a lot of RAM and maybe a better graphics card but I can't imagine if the mod worth all that spending.

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IIRC Sonnet sells a CPU upgra

IIRC Sonnet sells a CPU upgrade for the MDD now but I think it is expensive.. I cannot really remember, it may have been another company. Regardless, the RAM and bus in that G4 are significant bottlenecks already.


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