575 Macintosh Processor Upgrade and OS 9.1

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So I have a 575 processor upgrade making my Colour Classic a Power PC 601. I know that Apple doesn't support the upgrade card past OS 8.1. But since Apple does support PowerPC 601 processors through OS 9.1, it seems to me there should be some way around this.

Why would I want to run OS 9 on a Color Classic running a 66MHz 601 PPC? Because I want my Color Classic to serve as a bridge between my OS 10.4 Mac and my 128k & 512k Macs. So, it doesn't have to be fast to serve files to my Mac 512k. Anybody done it? Know how to do it?

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I know I had 8.6 on my old CC/PPC and I'm 94.382% sure I subsequently had 9.1 on there too.

Take a look at my MOS 8.6 and 9.1 patchers. I notice I don't mention the 575 series on that page, so I'm not quite so sure I used my patcher to get those OSes working on that Mac. If not though, it's not difficult to roll-yer-own mod.

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