Looking for PCI Extreme

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I am looking for PCI Extreme. it's the app that lets you use Quart Extreme rending on a PCI Video card. I can't find it on the net, as it seems to have dissapeared, and Every page I find, seems to revert to the page that is no longer there. Can anyone send it to me?

This is a Freeware app, but I might host it on my site should anyone need it.


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You don't need the application

A configuration hack suffices:


Of course, read the section about *why* Apple didn't enable it first.


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i have PCI extreme enabled on

i have PCI extreme enabled on My AIO in my sig with no ill effect's at all. the only thing i see from having it enabled is all good performance boost's. VLC play's better. everything play's better. no sound skipping when playing video playback. it has everything in 10.4.10 running as smooth as silk.

i have the app if anyone need's it if you still cant find it


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