How do I mount my iDisk or other remote disk at login, without opening a Finder window for it?

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When I mount a remote disk such as my iDisk or SpymacDisk at login (drag the disk's icon to my Login Items pane), the Finder automatically opens a window for it when I log in.

I've tried "hiding" the disks in the Login Items pane, but then they don't show on the desktop.

I've tried writing an AppleScript to mount the remote disk, then close its window. I've placed the script in my Login Items, and it reports that it can't find the disks I want to mount (because they're not mounted, duh!).

I've tried an Automator script to do the same thing, but this just opens Automator at login instead.

Any suggestions on how to mount a remote disk at login, without opening a Finder window for it? I'm open to suggestions.


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Here is what I do, and it wor

Here is what I do, and it works.

1. Open System Preferences
2. Open .Mac
3. Go to the iDisk tab
4. turn on iDisk syncing

this makes a copy of the iDisk on your desktop, so it is automatically "mounted" at login, and appears on the desktop, sans an open window. This works weather you have an internet connection or not, so if you add stuff to your iDisk, it automatically syncs in the background, and adds it to your iDisk on your other computers. This happens automatically, and seamlessly. It's very elegant.

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