Question with PC Ram in Macs

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Anyone know if I can use this PC ram that I salvaged from a Compaq Presario 5000? It is:

Kingston KTC-EN133/256
NON-ECC Unbuffered
Dimm 168 Pin

I googled it and only found out it is for Compaq's. No mention that it was usable in Macs. I specifically want to use it in the non-user accessible slot in a 700mhz iMac Flat Panel or a 700mhz eMac or iMac DV's.

Thanks for your help.


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try it. Can't hurt

like most sites advertise that their ram is for apple, they work in other machines. RAM is not proprietary anymore. It should work in the eMac, not sure about the iMac, they were more picky


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I have personally used RAm th

I have personally used RAm that was used in PCs (a 32mb 72 pin SIMM in my LC III, and 4xPC100 SDRAm sticks in my B&W G3, just as an example), and they run flawlessly. So long as the RAM type matches, it will work, even if it was made for a PC. Just remember: if it was "Made For a Mac", it is most likely better quality, but a lot more expensive.

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Thanks for the comments, but

Thanks for the comments, but I was really looking for comments regarding the "NON ECC UNBUFFERED" part of description. Is that part Mac compatible?

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before i bought 768mb (3x 256

before i bought 768mb (3x 256mb sticks compatable with a B&W G3) for my Beige G3 i ran ram that i pulled from my PC.

most Mac's use non ECC unbuffered Ram. i know my Beige G3, B&W, Yikes G4 use it. i dont know about later model's


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Non-ECC Unbuffered is the kin

Non-ECC Unbuffered is the kind you want. ECC RAM is used mostly in servers.

I've pulled RAM out of Compaq Presarios, a couple of 5000 series, and tried them in B&W's and Beige's, and sometimes they work, but most often not. I think most of those were PC100, or even PC66, so my experience wouldn't necessarily indicate the norm for PC133. I've got a 512mb PC133 stick labelled Compaq that does not work in my G4 towers, but works great in my PC. IIRC, most of my experience with trying Kingston RAM from PC's in Macs hasn't been very successful. Generally, Micron chips have the most success, but even those don't work often. But if the stick is not labelled Compaq, then it's most likely a generic bought at CompUSA or some place like that, so your chances might be good. It certainly didn't come OEM with the Presario 5000. Most important, check to make sure there is no corrosion on the RAM that could lead to shorts, etc.

You can find out a lot of the stats for the chips on SDRAM here:

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I know the iMac DV uses PC133

I know the iMac DV uses PC133 168 pin SDRAM, and I assume the other models you mention standardized on it too. So that and the non-ECC unbuffered, tells me go for it.


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