iBook Clamshell battery won't take full charge.

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Right, so this battery is a few years old now, but until just a little bit ago, it was working fine for me. I bought the battery new in 2004 and used it pretty lightly since. The iBook also had the logic board replaced in 2003. Basically when I plug in the power supply, it won't charge the battery more than 4-7% at a time before the light goes green and the iBook thinks the battery is full. If i reset the PMU or remove and replace the battery, it will charge another 4-7% and then think its charged again. I have tried all the tricks I know to get this fixed. Reset the PMU, PRAM, and did a few Firmware resets all in different combinations and still no luck. I also took out the battery and let it all just sit for a day to let the Mac rest. Anyone have anymore ideas to get this thing to charge again? I like having this Mac on battery power becuase my MacBook Pro is set up as a "desktop" computer and my Powerbook G3 doesn't have a wireless card. I know you "Applefritterers" are some hardcore Mac guys like me and know the ins and outs better than just about anybody. Thanks for the help guys.


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Do the PMU reset as described

Do the PMU reset as described, but don't remove the battery unless it's one of the older models with the reset button by the A/V port.


EDIT: So I just reread and saw that's it's a clamshell. I had a Dual USB in mind...


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battery contacts?

I recently bought a new clamshell battery off ebay. The contacts weren't properly mating, so it did the same thing you described. Putting a folded-up business card above the mating point and then closing the battery hatch over it fixed the problem!
I ended up getting a refund for the battery.