classic II connecting to web.

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I know I've been asking many questions since I got my Classic II working. I was wondering if I could connect the computer to the internet through the modem port on the back of the machine. If I can, how would I do it? If you got info, tell me. Thank you.

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Does this help any:http:/
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I don't have modem.

I don't have a modem, I don't want to buy a modem, and I don't use dial-up. Is there a way I can connect to the cat5 cable?

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You've got no ethernet port, no expansion port.

Without a modem - and you should have no trouble finding an old modem for free or near free at thrift shops or through a local freecycle - you stuck.

You might have some success running Apple's Localtalk Bridge software on another Mac, and using it as a host for the Classic II.


Unless there's a real novelty factor, that's an awful lot of work with little payoff.

There's also the option of using a scsi-to-ethernet bridge, but they're more expensive on the used market than just about any modem you'll find.


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