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I was wondering if there was a way to make a PS\2 to ADB connector. I have this piece of **** wireless keyboard and mouse combo. I hate it so much. It's the only ADB keyboard I have, the keyboard also doesn't work that great. I wanted to know if anyone had a schematic for PS\2 connector to ADB. If you got info, please tell me. I'm not sure if this post is supposed to go under this section. Thank you.

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There's enough people here with stacks of ADB keyboards and mice that you could get a set for cost of shipping.

Geethree sells a converter, but it's a lot more than you'd pay for the above.

A schematic will involve a programmable controller to interpret the ps/2 signals and convert them to something the ADB bus will recognize a la this converter for using PS/2 on an Atari ST. So, beyond soldering wires together, you will need to write the hex file(s) to tell the programmer what to do with these signals.


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