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I know there have been several other threads like this, but none that I have found have answered my question, so here it goes. I have an iBook G3 dual USB, 500 mhz. The original HDD that was in it was a 6gb and is no longer working. I purchased a Seagate 120GB HDD to put in it, as well as a superdrive from Centrix Intl. http://www.centrix-intl.com/details.asp?productid=2764 The drive required for an iBook G3 must be set to Slave, and when I run the Mac OS X install disc in the drive and look at the Disk Utility it shows only the optical drive and says that it is located in the number one location telling me that it is set to master. What can I do?

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two masters, no slaves

I assume you realize the HD is also set to Master (ID 0), there can only be one of each and that's why it doesn't show up.

However the iBook doesn't require the optical be set to Slave. AFAIK, the only way to work-around a hardwired-Master optical is to physically set the HD to Slave using a jumper on the drive itself. Others have done this and it worked for them.

Apparently I got lucky with the Teac DV-w22e DVD-R/RW I put in my 700/16vram iBook, it was set to Slave right out of the box.

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