Help Me Pimp My IBOOK G3

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Hello everybody. Ok I'm new to these boards so I just have to make something clear right now. I am dumb compared to you geniuse. VERY DUMB!!! I will not be able to understand advance computer jargon etc, so I ask that you please dumb your responses down for me Smile

Ok, situation: I just bought this Ibook g3 with every software for it possible for $195. GREAT PRICE RIGHT. Problems: The ibook only boots up from its cd drive and the slot won't open.

What I want to do: I want to get another hard drive for it. Don't know what kind.I would also like to upgrade my combo drive to a superdrive. And I want to make it faster. Because I'm going to be video editing.

What should I do: How can I do all of this?

Just some other Info: Processor 800 mhz g3
memory: 640 mb sdram

Thanks People. Please, HELP ME PIMP MY IBOOK!!!

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not really a noobee DIY starter model

If you're not at all the technical type, you'll probably want to have a service tech do the HD install for you. These are some of the more difficult Apple portables to take apart (and put back together), and you do have to take it almost completely apart to replace the HD.

You can however probably handle adding RAM, it's not hard at all. Your iBook can take up to a 512MB SD-RAM SODIMM (memory module) - maxing the RAM will give you some extra speed. Beyond installing a faster HD and maxing the RAM there's not much else you can do to speed things up.

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With 640MB the RAM is already

With 640MB the RAM is already maxed. Video editing on an 800MHz G3 is possible, but it won't be fast.


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It's fine for video editing.

I used my old PC for 6 years, 600 mhz processor, 640 MB RAM. I used it for video editing a couple times. I mostly did 3d modeling. It worked fine, it was fast enough. But some things stopped working. Like the secondary IDE port (easy terms: the port I used inside the computer to connect the CD drives to.). You can try to use an external Hard drive if you don't want to replace the internal, but that wouldn't really make it portable. If it's booting off the CD drive into an OS, then the CD tray won't open because it's being used.