Powermac G3\300 use ideas

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Hi all! I was looking for some ideas about what to use a powermac g3\300 for. I have already ruled out iTunes server and i cant use it for file storage because my routers downstairs and i will be upstairs. so any other ideas would be helpful. and I'm not buying an airport card! I was considering LIGHT video editing with final cut pro 1, sense it is OS 10.2, or photo shop 7 I just don't know. maybe iLife? Pleas give me ideas!


Apple IIGS 1mb ram 2mhz, Powermac G3 350mhz,

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use it as a fileserver/bittorrent machine. Install a VNC server on it, then plug it into your router. You can remote control it from any computer. That's what I'm doing with a G4/500.