Partially working VGA mod.

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Hello -

I have performed, with a tiny degree of success, the following mod on my new Color Classic:

The problem that I'm having is that the screen takes about 5 or so minutes to "heat up" and display a usable picture of the Mac Desktop. However, he picture that it displays then gets larger and brighter until it more than fills the screen and the screen eventually shuts itself down.

My question, I guess, is could this be caused by a failing capacitor or did I perhaps not convey the video signal properly, based on the above? Can I provide any other details that I might have missed to my description which may help?

Thanks for any insight!


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I had an old Rasterops monito

I had an old Rasterops monitor that did the same thing. It would take ages to warm up and brighten, then it would power off. By backing off the internal brightness control, your CC may reach a sustainable power level instead of passing a level it can handle and shutting down.

And yes, it does sound like you're experiencing component failure, so the above would be a short-term solution. My last CC took about 2 minutes for the screen to adjust, but it did stabilize. Yours seems to be past that point and may need to have its caps replaced.


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Thanks for the quick advice!

...I was hoping I had simply done something foolish and common that would be well-known and easily corrected, but you confirmed my instincts, I'd say. Smile

Do you happen to know if anyone has maintained a list of caps related to the monitor power for this machine?

Thanks again!