Ibook g4 800mhz

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I have an I book g4 800mhz and i loaned it to a family member, well when i got it back it had been dropped. i noticed the cracked edge in front by the battery. What made me look for this issue was the fact that it has not been working right and it was just a kid. When you hit the power button you get the start up chime and the hard drive is well at work but the screen is black. Thinking more thoroughly I attempted the a/v composit video to my tv, and it worked both on the computer and tv and every thing worked. But trying to solve the problem i put a little pressure to the case to the right of the touch pad and the screen started jumping around and flickering, at one point I believe I saw the same screen twice. Then a black screen and the white lines and pressing again the desktop while still flickering and back to black screen and white lines, over and over again. Then i shut down with power button and restart and no screen. I restarted several times and still no screen; boots, but no screen. then 5 days later I went back to it and the same thing happened. What, if anything can I do? My apple care ran out 4 months ago.

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another monitor?

Do you have another monitor you can connect it to to check whether the important bits are working the way they should before proceeding?