Need suggestions for Flat Panel Monitor purchase

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I need to get a larger monitor to use with my Cube. Something larger than 17". Can anyone make some suggestions on brand to buy? Or suggestions on what brand NOT to buy? Price is an issue but more importantly are my eyes. I am used to working with a CRT so obviously I don't want to buy an LCD just because it is low in price. Clarity is the most important and than price.


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I have a V7 Series LCD

nice 19" LCD. it's pretty sharp, and has a very nice brightness. This is a link to what it looks like:

It's a nice monitor, but I picked it up on Craigslist NIB for like $150. I suggest Craigslist, as that would be the most appropriate place to get an LCD Cheap.


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22" Acer LCD

I am not a fan of Acer products (they bought Gateway, which really bugs me for some reason, maybe I just like the cow boxes...) but this one seemed to get really good reviews for a basic monitor for not much more than a 19":

It has 5ms response time (2ms is better but will cost you about $100 more)

700:1 contrast ratio (1000:1 is better but will cost more)

No USB, speakers, etc. but those all cost extra too.

1680x1050 resolution which is great for HD stuff.

My feeling is for $209.99 after rebate (ooo, I hate rebates!) you can hardly beat it. Search the web for 22" LCD reviews.

Here it is for $229.99 without a rebate:

They have limited warranties and return policies but if that is important to you these guys seem to have the best deal on extended warranties:

I have been checking around to build a new PC for the Mac-fearful wife and this is what we would like to get to get to replace both the PC and the old analog 21" TV!


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Well you can get an older 20" Apple LCD Monitor that matches on eBay for cheap but if you want to get another brand get an HP monitor they are as good as Apple's displayes.

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I've always had great experie

I've always had great experiences with Dell flat panels. They've always been reliable, good looking and had lots of features for a moderate price.

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When I bought my mini we also

When I bought my mini we also got an Acer AL1916s 19" LCD. It was just before PCs really started coming with DVI, so it's VGA only. If it were DVI I would suggest it. Basically, if your computer can do DVI, get a monitor that can as well. It does make a noticeable difference in how sharp the picture is (digital to digital instead of digital to analog to digital).


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