I am really needs help

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Well, I am really need help with my ipod to my pc
my latest post is closed, but my problem is still unsolved,look at here: http://www.applefritter.com/node/21883#comment-51297
don't spam that will make my post lock.

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Even don`t know I use MelodyC

Even don`t know I use SPAM in way transfer files from PC to iPod. I`m not a professional in computer and software. So I asked my brother. Hope find information that will help you.

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You don't need help with your

You don't need help with your ipod.

The Melodycan software suggested by your partner is run by the same forum spammers we've had problems with before.

Don't flog this crap here. To quote from VersionTracker:


This software is junk, sold by a well known blog-spamming company which does business under several different names and domains, including:

- Cucusoft
- MP4Converter Software Studio
- Wondershare
- www. dvd-ripper-copy.com
- www. imtoo.com
- www. xilisoft.com
- www. mp4converter.net
- www. pqdvd.com
- www. allformp3.com (note the devious spelling)
- www. nidesoft.com
- www. avonesoft.com
- www. soft29.com
- www. brothersoft.com
- www. convert-any-media.com

Killed hyperlinks to crapware URLs --DrW


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