.Mac Need's More to its $99 a Year !

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Well many people say .Mac isn't worth $99 a year for just some email adress and a tiny bit of online storage and iCards. Well I have an idea to make it worth $99 why not bring e-World Back ? It was a good online service but could be improved a lot from what it was but keep the layout and base it off .Mac and integrate it with OS X instead on AOL. I know e-World wasn't exactly successful but with the two integrated they could become a whole new income for apple.

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Income for Apple?


What is this 1997? Apple employees are tripping over bundles of $100 bills that are clogging the hallways at Cupertino. Apple is stinking rich and glutted with income. Jeez, louise, what Apple needs is a new attitude . . .


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e-world was something in its

e-world was something in its time, but in 2007 it's got nothing but the nostalgia of an 8-track tape and the same usefulness.
Er...IMHO, of course. ;D

Oh...and please don't double post.


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Sorry I put it in another category and no one had answered so I decideed to make a new post. But I mean an improved eWorld.