MIDI and some other apps for the Color Classic

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I have a Color Classic with 10MB RAM and 2GB disk and an Apple MIDI interface.
I'd like to use my Color Classic for MIDI recording but I haven't found a MIDI sequester that can be used on Mac OS 7.6.1.
I'm also looking for some other software for my Color Classic like:
Photoshop, Freehand and After Dark modules like the flying toasters and the fish tank (aquarium).
Can anyone help me find these old applications?


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Some older midi software is a

Some older midi software is available Here, or you might look for an older version of Mastertracks Pro on ebay.

ebay is probably your best bet for buying the other older software, too.


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You might also like to browse

You might also like to browse the Shareware Music Machine at hitsquad.com. Older versions of Logic or Cubase found on ebay are also a possibility. I had Logic (or MicroLogic, the cut-down version) running on a Duo 280 under system 7.1, so it is doable.


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