Apple Keyboard II hack for PC

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I got the original Apple Keyboard II and an ADB cable. Is there some way I can hack a PS/2 or USB cable to it and use it on a PC? The second question would be if windows would recognize it?

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ADB and USB/PS2 are 2 totally different things. Sorry.

However, you could try an DB -> USB adapter, if you can find one that'll work in windows.


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Re: http://www.griffintechnology.

kinda expensive but I'll have to buy it, thanks Smile.

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I happen to have an extra one.

I have two of these, and they work just fine under Windows XP. I haven't had opportunity to try it under any other OS. I put a IIgs ADB keyboard on it, along with the IIgs mouse, and it worked like a charm.

PM me if ya like.


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