Recovering root user password

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My dad has a G4 tower running X.3.9 (might be X.4.x). We tried to enable the root user and set the password, seems that at some point in the past, we did this but cannot remember what it was.

What can I do to help him reset this?

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Then, feeling insecure, you can set a firmware password so that people can't boot from discs without it (and forget that one).



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will that work with another v

will that work with another version of osx? like if the forgotten password is from 10.3 will an install disk from 10.4 work? 10.2?

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Probably not, it's worth a sh

Probably not, it's worth a shot though.

I just wanted to point out that an Open Firmware password can be reset by changing the amount of RAM in the system.