Unable to connect to remote host.

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Hi, i was wandering what is wrong with my macTCP configuration, because i am getting an error that says unable to connect to remote host. I am only 13 an was wandering what a remote host is? ohh ya and our family has comcast high speed internet.

Thanks a lot if someone helps because blogs are my last hope. Im about to give up on my mac because i have litterly been working on it for like 8 months now.

P.S. im not wearing my glasses so sorryh for the bad spelling

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Precious little information ...

Which OS are you using?

Which Mac model are we talking about?

How are you connecting to Comcast? (Ethernet?)

Are you posting to AppleFritter from the Mac in question, or from another machine?

As I recall, MacTCP was for dialup connections in System 7. It was replaced in System 7.5 by TCP/IP and Remote Access. If you're on Comcast (cable Internet), why do you particularly need need MacTCP?


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Macintosh SE FDHD

Hi i am using a macintosh se FDHD with mac os 7.5.3 on a zip drive. I posted the question on my Hp pavilion PC with winxp. Also another thing is that there is no tcp/ip controll pannel. When i installed system 7.5.3 it came with MacTCP controll pannel. Do i have to install OT (open transport.)

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Does your SE have an Ethernet

Does your SE have an Ethernet port?


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Hi Kevin,Read my stuff ov

Hi Kevin,

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When using an SE, you are stuck with using MacTCP. If you have a faster Mac, poke around for the Network Software Selector that allows you to switch between MacTCP and Open Transport.

ps Put your specs on!