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I'm thinning out my mac collection and have decided to offer one of my two CC's. I rescued this one from a thrift shop a few years ago and set it up as a Mystic using Res Edit because I did not upgrade the video. It does have a few flaws, to wit:
- a few grey clouds near the middle of the screen, and a green area in the upper right - so whoever takes this CC should be someone who can play with the yoke and fix this.
- floppy drive crapped out - needs a new one.
- case has some yellowing (not too bad).
- sorry, you can't have my Mystic motherboard because I have an actual P575 that needs it.

Well now that I read over the list it doesn't sound so great - but really, aside from these few flaws it's a nice little machine with some good vintage software on the hard drive (including drivers for Powercard 601 if that's your thing). OS 7.5.5 installed. This could be your Mystic or you could do further upgrades.

I wanted to offer it here before proceeding to other venues like LEM Swap Group or heaven forbid ebay. I will send it to a good home just for the cost of shipping by your favorite method. If interested, contact me at

Bruce - in Orlando

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Joined: Dec 10 2007
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Mystic finds new home

Just wanted to let close this topic by letting you know that my post here did help me find a new owner for my Mystic, which will be shipped out today to its new home in the great Midwestern heartland.